Monday, April 28, 2014


In his article "The Quandary of Human Minds in Post-Modern Perspectives" Amiz Azmi connects the post-modern concepts Jameson spoke of to today's literature. The focus of the article is on 
SELF ALIENATION and UNCERTAINTY, which he claims are the dominate themes of today's post-modern literature. 

One of the main focuses is on the the human existence. Azmi states that "in postmodern literature, human existence is showcased in a dramatic and metaphoric way with categorical traces of catastrophe, trauma, anguish and socio-psychological degeneration" (Azmi 95).  The writers who create postmodern literature are thus depicting human lives in an artistic way. 

He claims that"Postmodern literature criticizes the modern projects and evokes thoughtful questions against values, signs, and practices of modernist societies around the world" (Azmi 96). Because the literature questions society and values it can be seen as revolutionary. I believe that questioning is a major part of being a human. Questioning the present to create a better future is part of thriving and bettering the human condition. 

The greatest aspect of the postmodern perspective is its connection to humanity. Literature's finest accomplishment is evoking emotions and responses in the reader, and art and literature that presses these boundaries further from the stagnant ways of the past and digs into the essence of the individual is the epitome of a "good" work of art, if there is indeed "good art". 

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